Join and query any data set without ETL or pipelines and publish to an API

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We believe that all data should be accessible and you shouldn’t have to move it to query it

Query Fast and Query What Other Systems Can’t
Databases. Files. APIs. Query everything in one window all at once.
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Query Data Anywhere
Query without ever moving your data. Connect a database in minutes and start analyzing right away.
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Collaborate and Build on Top of Other Team Members Work
No more slack messages with one-off .csv's. Share your queries as easily as a google doc and let your team see what you see.
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Create and Embed Charts and Visualizations
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Create quick, shareable graphs to better understand your data and share insights with your team.
Build and Deploy via an API
Building an admin dashboard? Want to embed your queries onto a site or webapp? Go from query to endpoint in a single click.
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SQL, No SQL, No Problem
Formatted or unformatted, it doesn't matter. Get access to all your data through a single SQL query.
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Connect your own APIs in minutes or use dozens of common ones right out of the box

Combine your data with public data to produce even better insights. All provided for you, usable from your first query.

We use most requested APIs so you can easily get up, running and explore data in under 3 min.

Data Abstraction on one window with NO ETL...

...Pipelines or Schemas. Search, query and join data and eliminate the effort of copying from one tool to another.
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With one tool, everyone on your team can share and manage all data easily.

Check out our documentation to see all the data sources we support

Supported Databases, Seamless Integration,
Authentication, and Authorization

Don't worry about data storage, movement, or loading. Just connect your database once and you'll be ready to query instantly.

Make your job faster by uploading all the necessary data and get a predictable result.

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Our Data Philosophy

Data is the source of all learning, and nothing should get in the way of that. Data should be easy to access and explore. We spend too long working on our data instead of with our data.

Data tells a story, and it's our job to unearth and tell that story. Data is quickly becoming too difficult for people to work on. As it becomes more complex, our tools must evolve to handle the complex but mundane tasks that computers are good at, so we can focus on telling the story.

With one tool, everyone on your team can share and manage all data easily.

Don't wait for the engineering team to deploy!

Meet the DDR Team

Our founders are data engineers and data scientists who have spent too long building pipelines and formatting data
Charles Givre Photo
Founder & CEO
Author of best-selling book Learn Apache Drill and a frequent speaker at Blackhat.
Curtis Lambert Photo
Chief Technology Officer
Curtis builds tech that can query and join terrabytes of data.
General Counsel, Operations & Founding Team
Operations, Legal and Customer Onboarding.

Our investors believe that all data should be usable and accessible

We appreciate the trust each of you and listen to all wishes and are determined to create the best product!

We appreciate the trust of this team and value their feedback. Through our combined efforts we're on course to deliver an exceptional product.
Ethan Kurzweil Photo
Ethan Kurzweil
Partner, Bessemer Venture Partners
Peter Soderling Photo
Peter Soderling
Investor, Engineering
Mahendra Ramsinghani Photo
Mahendra Ramsinghani
Investor, Engineering
Joanne Chen Photo
Joanne Chen
Partner Foundation Capital
Timothy Chen Photo
Timothy Chen
Investor, Engineering Advisor
Anthony Goldbloom Photo
Anthony Goldbloom
Investor, CEO & Founder Kaggle
Justin Label Photo
Justin Label
Seed Investor, Inner Loop Capital
Nipun Gupta Photo
Nipun Gupta
Investor, Innovation
Sherif Mansour Photo
Sherif Mansour
Chairman, Director of Infosec, Startup Advisor

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  • Build and Deploy via an API
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