Connect to any data source, anywhere, with only a few clicks

DataDistillr allows you to explore data without ETLs or pipelines using simple SQL

DataDistillr lets you join and query datasets from any Database, API, or file, no matter where or how it's hosted.

Query and analyze subsets of data without ever moving it. Get understanding down to minutes, not days.

Combine data of all forms in minutes using our built-in formatters. Never write the same function 100x again.

Most datasets are ugly and hard to deal with. Cleaning and connecting data all day blocks your creativity and slows you down. Use DataDistillr to quickly format your data. Explore without ETLs or pipelines!

Tired of hacking together pre-loads for data?

Let DataDistillr manage and load your data, so you can focus on analysis.

Have too many data sets?

Join and query from multiple locations, APIs, databases, or files.

Meet the DDR Team

Our founders are data engineers and data scientists who have spent too long building pipelines and formatting data

Charles Givre Photo
Founder & CEO
Charles is an industry leading data scientist with over 10 years of experience in the intelligence community working with the CIA, Deutsche Bank, Booz Allen Hamilton and JP Morgan Chase among other organizations. He’s passionate about solving difficult problems with data, and using data in unique ways to drive business decisions.
Curtis Lambert Photo
Chief Technology Officer
As Lead Data Scientist and CTO at DataDistillr, Curtis brings over 15 years of experience supporting DOD missions as a Network Intelligence Analyst (NIA), Data Analyst, and Malware Analyst and his strong record of technical achievements supporting national and tactical-level missions focused on analytic methodologies, access development, and prototype tool development.
General Counsel, Operations & Founding Team
Joshua oversees a variety of responsibilities, including HR, finance, legal, managing special projects for the CEO, and managing DDR's daily operations including advising the company on legal matters. Josh is a jack of all trades whose main goal is to help prevent bottlenecks and to facilitate smooth and steady growth for the company.

Why Use DataDistillr?

By the time you finish aggregating differently formatted data, building pipelines, using ETL tools, adding infrastructure, extracting, and cleaning your data, you may find you're three weeks into the project and just starting the important work.

Your time is too valuable to worry about all of that.
As a Data Scientist, you want to spend as much time as possible actually analyzing data. Time spent not learning is time wasted.
Let DataDistillr connect, clean, and load all your data sources in minutes. Start analyzing on day one with easy visualizations and quick data analytics.

Easily share your data with the click of a button. Get your project manager and business analysts the information they need quickly and clearly so you can focus on the real work.

Don’t let the data get in the way of learning. Let DataDistillr handle the details.
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