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Learn how to join data across silos without ETL


Charles Givre
CEO, CoFounder DataDistillr
Sanjy Basu
Head of technology strategy, Oracle
Sanjay Basu
Head Of Technology Strategy, Oracle
DataDistillr (DDR) and Oracle are making it easy to access data by securely joining and querying data across relational and non relational databases, flat files and APIs using standard SQL.

Join us to learn how this partnership helps dramatically streamline the modern multi-cloud experience.

Three reasons why you should attend:

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Problem - You have data stored across myriad spreadsheets.
DDR's Solution - Access and join data from multiple tabs in a spreadsheet or across multiples spreadsheets.
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Problem - You pull  & replicate data from multiple APIs.
DDR's Solution - Connect, join and query data directly from any API endpoint without downloading, replicating or storing any data.
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Problem - You need to join data from relational AND non-relational databases.
DDR's Solution - Use standard SQL to join and query ANY data source.