DataDistillr 0.5.12 Release Notes

This is our first changelog for 2021! Here are some notes of the new features and bug fixes that have been implemented into the latest version of the DataDistillr platform.

New Features

  • Users can now generate a Spark script from Publish API Endpoint
  • User can save draft queries
  • Caching implemented. Users will receive cached results on query tab changes
  • User can drill into nested fields in the Nav tree
  • User can drill into Parquet files in Nav tree
  • Added MongoDB and Elasticsearch data sources
  • User can add/edit workspaces
  • Timezone saved to profile upon login
  • Server message display time shortened to 4 seconds
  • Confirmation modal displays when closing tabs
  • Modified toggle permissions on Publish API Endpoint page
  • Drag and Drop Upload modal improvements: Users can expand directories, move files and folders between directories, and rename files/folders

Bug Fixes

  • Code editor lagginess when typing queries fixed
  • Error messages display upon failed query
  • Unix times no longer display on graph axes