DataDistillr 0.5.12 Release Notes

Welcome to our first Release of 2022!

New Features

Data Sources

  • Developed MS SQL upload form

File Uploader

  • Added option to ‘Keep Both, Replace, or Stop’ when user uploads a file with the same name as an existing file

Nav Tree

  • Refined nav tree panel to allow users to display specific tables within large databases


  • Enabled validation on forms to inform users which specific field is causing the form to fail
  • Moved organization dropdown to global navigation bar for consistency across the application
  • Removed ‘Personal’ Section from Account


  • Implemented resizable visualizations (when user makes browser larger or smaller, visualizations will resize to fit the screen)
  • Enabled visualization tab names to be edited from the control panel


  • Implemented Security Features (to conform with company IAM policy or NIST recommendations):
  • Account lockout upon user entering incorrect password
  • Temporary password expiration time modified

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed visualization export functionality
  • Corrected password acceptance during password reset (passwords entered must match)