DataDistillr 0.5.12 Release Notes

New Features

Data Sources

  • Developed Splunk upload form

File Uploader

  • Refined uploader to truncate long file names and modify truncation upon window resize
  • Updated file uploads to occur one at a time in series with updates displayed on screen throughout the upload
  • Expanded supported file types to accept zip files (made up of supported file types)

Nav Tree

  • Added functionality to display columns found in ‘views’ in Nav Tree


  • Modified amount of rows that display on one page to 500
  • Optimized ‘Profiling’ function so stats are only re-run upon new query, and modified styling in ‘Profiling’ pop-up
  • Moved drag handle to bottom of code editor (users can now drag query results window up and down using the bottom of the code editor)
  • Updated location of Data Source filters in Nav Tree to be closer to the data sources they are filtering.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed time displayed when using chat function across timezones to depict accurate time
  • Updated behavior of hints and autocomplete in query window to display both while typing and deleting text
  • Modified behavior when no results return to appropriately inform user if it was an error, or just no results for the query they ran
  • Enabled Avatar menu expansion upon click and moved organization information into this menu
  • Fixed time fields within query to display correct times
  • Corrected behavior in query window after copy+pasting text to enable the enter button
  • Fixed create new project button so it appears on first log in after accepting org invite