DataDistillr 0.5.12 Release Notes

New Features

Data Sources

  • Developed BigQuery upload form
  • Added People Data Labs API upload form

File Uploader

  • Updated list of accepted file extensions to include .csvh, .h5, .httpd, .ltsv, .pcap, .sav, .syslog, and .tbl file types.

Nav Tree

  • Modified File Uploads section to include a Refresh button allowing users to refresh data sources individually without refreshing the entire page.
  • Enabled Postgres tables to populate in the Nav Tree.


  • Included instructions on forms to inform user of requirements for successful field input.


  • *Coming Soon* Started work on Dashboards feature which will enable users to create visualization dashboards based on project data/queries.


  • Developed a new Licensing Hub to allow new customers to obtain licenses for access to the DataDistillr application (does not currently impact existing customer instances).
  • Included footer on application displaying user IP and last login for self diagnosis on any potential login discrepancies.
  • Added an Account Activity log page so users can view their last 10 logins to self diagnose login discrepancies.

Bug Fixes

  • Updated favorites in nav tree so favorites inferred by other selections work at any level of the tree
  • Uploaded files and query history will update without needing to refresh page
  • Fixed display of box plot and line chart fill color
  • Fixed permission error with configured API endpoints
  • Directory names now generated correctly upon file name collision