DataDistillr 0.5.12 Release Notes

New Features

Data Sources

  • Created forms to allow users easy connections to GitHub, ClickUp, Datadog, Monday, UPC Database, Fiscal Data, and Salesforce APIs.

Nav Tree

  • Implemented Drill PHP SDK which enabled the app to drill into nested structures within data sources. This made the nav tree faster and fixed existing bugginess in the nav tree.
  • Updated nav tree to automatically open a data source within project if there is only one data source.
  • Included “QUERY” badge to indicate queryable items within the nav tree.


  • Added clarity to nav tree tool tips to demonstrate what queries the user can auto-generate upon click.
  • Developed a quick add feature for data sources so that after connecting to a data source the user can immediately add the data source to a project and enter the project.
  • Modified license expiration pop-up so it only appears once a day (unless license expires in less than a day).


  • *Coming Soon* - Continued work to implement dashboards for users.


  • Made extensive updates to unit and E2E testing to ensure a more stable and secure deployed application.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed centering of text on data source cards in the Safari browser.
  • Nav tree will fully populate when data sources are named with underscores.