DataDistillr 0.5.12 Release Notes

New Features

Data Sources

  • Fixed redirect link after user provides OAuth credentials outside of the application so their experience better reflects the state of the app when they left.
  • Modified layout of data sources on Add data source page so none are grayed out and moved ‘custom api’ button to more obvious location.
  • Added Veriphone, Affinity, and Quickbooks APIs.
  • Changed order of data sources after upload, so that most recently updated data sources appear first.
  • Enabled OAuth authentication within custom API form, so that users can now connect to APIs that require OAuth that we do not have forms for yet.

File Uploader

  • Added notification to user of collision check while files were being uploaded (noticeable with large numbers of file uploads).


  • Developed new user flow for users who have never created data sources to allow users to more quickly add data sources to a new project and query on those data sources.
  • Added multiple unit tests that contribute to a more reliable user interface.
  • Improved handling of data in memory so that unnecessary data cleans out when you browse away from certain pages. This created a smoother and faster experience for the user.


  • Updated Vault password reset settings.
  • Updated codebase to PHP 8.1.

Bug Fixes

  • User can no longer create multiple directories when including a forward slash in the directory name in the file uploader.
  • Fixed drag and drop functionality while in edit mode in the file uploader that disallowed caret inserts upon user click found in the Firefox browser.
  • Removed limit on query tabs, so queries no longer disappear after more than 20 tabs have been generated.
  • Fixed time conversion bug in footer, so correct time is now displayed.