DataDistillr 0.5.12 Release Notes

New Features

Data Sources

  • Added new endpoints on ClickUp and Salesforce API forms.
  • Modified various API forms to ensure titles matched what is found on vendor websites facilitating a more user-friendly API connection experience.
  • Linked API connection forms to documentation.

File Uploader

  • Updated data source wizard to include the file uploader panel so that after creating a folder, users may upload a file immediately.

Nav Tree

  • Implemented edit option within nav tree so data sources may be edited directly from the nav tree.


  • Created counter that warns user how much time is left before their session closes and gives the user the option to refresh the counter when under two minutes are left. Users are also informed after logout why they were logged out and prompted to log back in.
  • Enabled unique generation of new tabs in the query window (Untitled 1, Untitled 2, etc.)
  • Developed new Data Source information page. This page provides users a quick 'wiki' style page that shows what projects the data source is connected to, provides connection status update, and allows users to easily update data source configuration information.
  • Added arrows to query tab panel so users can scroll left and right to get to tabs that do not appear within the window's constraints.


  • *NEW* Implemented dashboard functionality so users can now build a dashboard of multiple visualizations of interest.


  • Updated log out functionality so that all tabs are logged out at the same time if multiple tabs are open.
  • Implemented domain-only and invitation-only modes so that access to instances can be limited to individuals within a specified domain and/or by invitation to an instance.
  • Continued integrating application with Apache Vault.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Custom API 'Save' button.
  • Forced backticks in columns and aliases in Query Helper functionality.
  • Addressed generation of multiple orgs when user logs in. User is now placed and remains in the org created themself.