DataDistillr 0.5.12 Release Notes

New Features

Data Sources

  • Added new Salesforce endpoints for retrieving account and contact information.

File Uploader

  • Added support for PDF and SAS files.

Code Editor

  • Implemented autocompletion inside query panel for column headers, so users will receive suggestions for columns after entering the first letter of a known column.
  • Allowed option for user to cancel a running query.
  • Removed unsupported export types from export dropdown, so the dropdown displays an accurate representation of supported file export types.


  • Enabled caching on query tabs for instantaneous tab switching.
  • Included new popup in bottom lefthand corner of screen to provide more feedback to the user when queries are running and results are being returned.
  • Added detail pages for projects that shows the user what data sources are connected, who has access to the project, and provides a quick snippet on queries run within the project.
  • Allowed user to rename query tabs from API access page.
  • Grayed out sample code for API endpoints so you cannot access the sample code if you did not allow access to the API.


  • Hid query panel buttons when in visualization mode to declutter screen.
  • Improved dashboard flow - added navigation options to allow user to move between query panel and dashboard, and implemented ability for dashboards to survive refresh.


  • Updated E2E tests to ensure a more stable working environment.
  • Implemented invitation only mode for users to invite others to their instance.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed backtick wrapping in query helper.
  • Fixed dashboard button on query page.