DataDistillr 0.5.12 Release Notes

New Features

Data Sources

  • Added new ClickUp endpoints for querying tasks that include custom fields.

Nav Tree

  • Implemented ability to view/query all sheets within an excel file from the nav tree.
  • Allowed users to drill into parquet files in the nav tree.


  • Added links to documentation for the SQL Companion Guide and API endpoints to provide easier access to help for users.
  • Added code to help direct user to enter required fields for APIs directly in the query window.
  • Enabled export of full result set as a CSV.


  • Provided warning to user when deleting query tab that associated visualizations exist.
  • Performed cleanup work server-side for Dashboards to ensure a smooth/clean user experience and keep code maintained for future additions.
  • Updated dashboards to include removing unnecessary warning messages, fixing breakpoint issue on dashboard grid, and enabling automatic resizing of dashboard tiles when other elements are added or removed.


  • Updated E2E test suite to ensure continued application stability.

Bug Fixes

  • Modified query table column limit - fixing memory issues resulting from large queries.
  • Enabled automatic name updates in the nav tree after renaming a data source.
  • Fixed Vault token renewal bug.
  • Fixed parser error with inner joins.