DataDistillr 0.5.12 Release Notes

New Features

Data Sources

  • Implemented 'Custom Endpoint' functionality in all API Data Sources. This lets users set up their own API endpoints and customize the endpoints that appear in the nav tree when setting up an API Data Source.
  • Added new Endpoint for ClickUp API that allows users to return task data from tasks that have Custom Fields. Also updated ClickUp endpoints to be more descriptive regarding what they return.

Nav Tree

  • Enabled 'Add' buttons for each type of data source to allow users to add new data sources straight from the nav tree.


  • Developed functionality on query page to allow users to switch between projects using the dropdown arrow to the Right of the Project name.
  • Updated Feedback button so user can send full query and error message to us for help when needed.
  • Modified caching behavior when running queries. Navigating to a query tab with cached results will automatically display the cached results. Pressing the 'Run' button will always run a fresh query against underlying data.
  • Replaced Student vs. Enterprise page displayed upon sign up with option to set up new organization.
  • Combined invitations for projects and organizations so that when a user is invited to a project they only receive one email invitation that will grant them access to both the organization and project.


  • Updated tab component on visualization and dashboard pages so they display the same/predictable behavior for the user.


  • Developed modal that allows user to update which API Access Clients have access to each individual query right from the query panel.
  • Completed underlying permission foundation so we can start implementing user permissions throughout the application.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed inner join rendering.
  • Fixed scroll bar in code editor.
  • Fixed pagination display so that for large files the numbers are easily readable.