DataDistillr 0.5.12 Release Notes

New Features

Data Sources

  • Updated ClickUp connection form endpoints to include a toggle that enables user to access custom fields.


  • Modified login flow, so that user is directed back to last query page (rather than the project page).
  • Updated new project creation flow so user is directed to query page and walked through project buildout from there.
  • Enabled management of project user access from query page. This allows user to more easily access user control panel from query page.
  • Changed data sources layout to be a list rather than tiles.


  • Cleaned up various dashboard features to enable a smoother user experience including changing icons, removing margins, and adding instructions.
  • Fixed backend performance of visualizations to speed up process when making minor changes to visualizations.


  • Updated E2E tests thus reducing time required to test new functionality and increasing ability to identify bugs before they are exposed to end users.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dashboard button from query page so user has a smoother experience switching from query panel to dashboard.
  • Fixed dashboard tiles so user is now able to remove elements.